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Imagine For Mac

OS X 10.7+

Practical, Beautiful, Simple, Lightweight text editor perfect for writing essays and letting your imagination flow.

  • Formerly in Top 20 Mac App Store Free Apps (Nov/Dec)
  • "A cheap, simple and beautiful writing app." ~ AppStorm
  • "Beautifully simple to use. You open it up, and type." ~ MacStarter

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* Noteworthy For Mac

OS X 10.7 - OS X 10.8 (no longer maintained)

Omnipresent app for taking quick and easy notes. Powerful and reliable with thousands of satisfied users.

  • Formerly in Top 10 Mac App Store Productivity Apps
  • "It takes talent to design an app this powerful, yet easy to use." ~ MacStarter
  • "Elegantly designed." ~ Noodlemac

About me

I'm a sophomore at MIT, and I've
been developing for the mac platform for five years. I try out everything that comes my way - PHP, Ember.js, Google App Engine - you name it.
When ideas come I occasionally write them up, but more often than not they're in doodle form. I run away from cameras and have lived in Silicon Valley forever. Sometimes my friends say I think too much about the future, and maybe that's true, but the future is a beautiful place where 3D digital interfaces are real; in the future we store information in The Core and ask the web which restaurant is best. We live in harmony with nature yet build spaceships. But the present is cool too because that's where the conversations, the life-changing experiences, and the opportunities are. My name is Ben and I defend Macs1, use complete sentences2, and don't mind a little graphic design here and there.3

1 And will continue to do so until they stop being good computers.

2 Usually, except in footnotes.

3 Illustrator and InDesign are good friends.

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