Hi, I'm Ben.

My site is under construction.
The out of date, pretty version is here.

MIT Class of 2017. Computer + Cognitive Science.
6.824 (Distributed Systems), 6.840 (Theory of Computation),
6.046 (Algorithms II), 6.033 (Systems), 6.005 (Software Engineering), 6.006 (Algorithms I),
9.40 (Neural Computation), 21M.359 (Interactive Music Systems), 6.008 (Inference),
6.004 (Computation Structures), 9.01 (Neuroscience)
[in progress or completed]

Programming language agnostic.
Current project: writing a graph-based programming language.
Past: OS X Apps, iOS Apps, Angular.js


Philosophy: Software Engineer as Connector: Our senses have
trouble comprehending our digital world, with its 0s and 1s.

~ Benjamin Y Chan (@Vervious)