Benjamin Y Chan

Hi, I'm Ben.
I love to think, draw, and architect.

MIT Class of 2017. Computer + Cognitive Science.
6.824 (Distributed Systems), 6.840 (Theory of Computation),
6.046 (Algorithms II), 6.033 (Systems), 6.005 (Software Engineering), 6.006 (Algorithms I),
9.40 (Neural Computation), 21M.359 (Interactive Music Systems), 6.008 (Inference),
6.004 (Computation Structures), 9.01 (Neuroscience), and more

Work and Project Experience
Site Engineering Intern at Fitbit (Summer 2015),
Software Engineering Intern at Evernote (Summer 2014),
Software Engineering Intern at Diffeo (Winter 2014),
Designer for hackmit (perpetual),
Creator of Noteworthy and Imagine for mac (2012-2013)

Drop me a line at philosopher at mit dot ... edu! I'd be happy to send you my Résumé.
p.s. one day this site will be mobile friendly